We believe in business as a force for good.

Reviews Won / Trees Planted

Starloop’s “one-tree-for-one-review” solution is a world first.
For every online review Starloop helps you win, a tree gets planted.

You get online reviews.
Our world gets trees.

Starloop’s “one-tree-for-one-review” model helps reforest our damaged biosphere. We stand as a small beacon of Regenerative Capitalism pointing towards a beautiful future.

Starloop’s mission is to help …

Accelerate the advent of Regenerative Capitalism.


Our biosphere is a beautiful and relatively small zone of life where humans can survive in space. Yet human activity continues to damage our biosphere and endanger our survival. We believe in a different model. We imagine a world where our relentless consumerism is leveraged to repair our biosphere. A world where all transactions create positive benefit to our planet. A planet where Regenerative Capitalism is the model of choice for all businesses.

Starloop’s “one-tree-for-one-review” solution is a world first.

Every online review equals 1 tree planted.

A tree is planted for every review; good, bad or indifferent. No other reputation management solution offers this unique approach.

Planting trees results in faster online review acquisition while helping regenerate our biosphere.

We think that’s a beautiful win-win.

Every tree Starloop helps to plant: 

  • Makes the planet a little bit greener
  • Makes the planet a little bit cooler
  • Captures and filters pollution
  • Increases oxygen production
  • Provides more habitat for wildlife
  • Helps increase biodiversity
  • Helps stabilize terrain
  • Helps to provide jobs & workdays



Why do you even bother planting trees?

Because the men and women who study our planet (and are far smarter than us) are telling us their data shows anthropogenic climate change is accelerating. Our payment partner, Stripe, breaks down the importance behind the data surrounding climate change very clearly.

How many trees have you planted?
The tree counter you see throughout our website represents the approximate number of reviews that we’ve helped our Members win and the equivalent number of trees that we’ve planted. It is an approximate number give or take a few hundred at any given time.
Do you plant the trees yourself?
We provide financial support to established tree planting partners whose mission it is to plant as many trees as possible.
Where are the trees planted?
Mostly in Madagascar, Ethiopia and Nepal.
What kind of trees are planted?
Our planting partners work with local communities to ensure that trees native to the planting site are used for these reforestation efforts.

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