Starloop’s mission is simple:

To plant 1 million trees via the world’s most effective solution for acquiring online reviews.

We believe in business as a force for good. With our “one-tree-for-one-review” model, we help reforest Earth one online review at a time. We stand as a beacon for Regenerative Capitalism, pointing towards a future where every transaction provides a positive benefit to our biosphere.

Each time your clients leave you an online review, we plant a tree.

England - English Summer Forest

  • Starloop helps you increase your sales by getting you more online reviews for your business.

    When we offer to plant a tree, your customers are ethically motivated to participate. This results in more online reviews for you and another tree being planted.

    We think that’s a beautiful win-win.

  • Every tree that goes into the ground:
    • Makes the planet a little bit greener
    • Makes the planet a little bit cooler
    • Increases clean oxygen production
    • Provides habitat for animals and insects
    • Stabilizes terrain
    • Provides valuable jobs and workdays