• Wondering how to remove fake Google reviews?

    How to respond to fake Google reviews

    It can feel so unfair. Getting a fake or negative review can sting and make you want to yell foul. But charging in hot headed is the last thing you want to do. Let’s take a look at how to respond to negative or fake online reviews about your business on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor […]

  • Reforesting Earth With Online Reviews

    It’s hard to get online reviews. Really hard. Everyone, you included, has tons of priorities in life and writing online reviews isn’t one of them. As consumers, we might appreciate how important online reviews are for local business, products and brands alike but we rarely take the time to leave reviews. Why? There aren’t enough […]

  • How to ask for reviews: The Starloop way to get online reviews

    ASKING SOMEONE “Can you leave me an online review?” is like asking someone “Do these jeans make my butt look big?” It’s a loaded question. If you’re wondering how to ask for reviews, it’s simple. Whether you’re after a Google, Yelp or Facebook review: Don’t ask for a review. Everyone else is saying the opposite. […]

  • Doctor checking his online reviews

    Reputation Sensitivity: A rapid fire primer

    When it comes to online reviews, you’ll find the old expression “don’t sweat the small stuff” applies quite well. If you’re about to make a purchase for something inexpensive or mundane you don’t care about reviews. You’ll just go ahead and buy it. Case study: No one much cares about the online reviews of their […]

  • There has to be a better way

    Regenerative capitalism: Legit model or just BS?

    I’d never heard of John Fullerton or regenerative capitalism before. Back in 2001, John had resigned from a 20 year career at JPMorgan and simply wasn’t sure what was next for him. Disillusioned, he set to learning more about models relating to balanced social, economic and ecological health. Then came 9/11 and shortly after that very dark […]

  • Shep Hyken on Starloop at Forbes

    We’re on Forbes!

    We had the fortune to be interviewed recently by Shep Hyken for a piece he wrote over at Forbes entitled “How To Get Hundreds Of Positive Online Reviews.” A big huge thanks to Shep for taking the time to learn more about Starloop, our one-tree-for-one-review concept and helping us get the word out. Starloop is changing the way businesses […]

  • Still asking for reviews?

    Why Asking for Reviews is The Worst Way to Get Reviews.

    “Can you leave us a review on Google?” Or how about “Can you leave us a Yelp review?” These are questions you should never ask if you really want online reviews.  Yes, that’s right … asking for online reviews is one of the WORST ways to get online reviews.  Not to mention your online reviews are […]

  • Woman on phone wondering how important are online reviews

    How important are online reviews?

    If I asked you “How important are online reviews to your business?” You might have a fast and confident answer available or you might have no idea. Business owners are falling into two distinct camps right now. Those that absolutely know their online reviews are increasingly critical to their business. And then those that have […]

  • Adding your business to Google

    To get control over your Google reviews, you’ll want to claim your Google+ Page for Business which, is different than a Personal Google+ page. Watch the video to learn more or read on! In the past, we used to handle to claim Google+ pages for you. However, Google’s increased security features (features designed to protect […]