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Starloop makes it easy to start getting real reviews. Automation saves you time and one tree planted per review gets you more reviews than ever before.

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Step 1


Invite your customers by email or SMS

Use Starloop to engage your customers by email or SMS. Never worry about what to say ever again as our friendly, low-pressure scripts engage your customers to review your business on sites like Google and Facebook.  

SMS Engage your customers with automated texts so they can review you on their phone.

Email Engage your customers with automated emails to get even more reviews. 

Scripts with compeling natural language do all the convincing for you hands-free.


You’re DONE!


Save time & get real reviews on autopilot

The good news? There’s nothing else to do. Once you’ve invited your customers using Starloop, smart automation kicks in to your reputation hands-free. Save time getting valuable five star reviews where you need them most.

Hands-free automation saves you time and builds your online reputation 24/7. 

A.I. maximizes engagement to get you more real reviews than ever before.

Your team members can be added (at no extra cost) to save you even more time.



A tree gets planted for every review

With Starloop planting one tree per review, your customers finally have a good reason to write you reviews. This helps grow more trees on Earth while you grow your reputation.

Engage more customers with Starloop’s powerful tree planting promise.
Motivate you customers ethically with trees and watch the reviews pour in!
Reforest the planet with every review you get; one tree planted per review.

Get reviews, increase your rankings & attract new customers

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Our Members trust Starloop to get reviews, build their reputations and grow their revenues.

“Starloop has helped us obtain valuable feedback from our clients. We had just a few reviews on google and yelp when we started with them and now have 80+ reviews. Clients tell me daily that they chose us over our competitors because of what our previous clients had to say about their experience. Thanks Starloop!”

Eric Smith

Inspect & Detect

“Starloop has exceeded our expectations in helping us grow our online reviews. We’ve witnessed first hand at how this presence has helped grow our business. We would highly recommend Starloop to any business; it’s worth every penny spent.”

Cara Dolberg

Heartland Optical

“Starloop is a fantastic way to encourage honest feedback from your customers while helping the environment at the same time! A total win win! Danno and his team are professional, responsive and will work with you to ensure you are getting the most out of Starloop as possible. They have thought through the details so you don’t have to.”

Bradley Dauk

Float Calm

1 tree planted for every online review

Approximate # of reviews won & trees planted.

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