Starloop FAQ

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions
How many reviews will I get?

Starloop converts at different percentages for everyone. While one business may get 5 reviews a month another might get 50. This depends on factors such as your industry, your customer volume, the quality of customer service provided, demographic considerations and a whole host of other fuzzy factors that are always in play. One thing is certain, with Starloop you increase your chances of winning genuine online reviews from your customers.

Does Starloop really plant trees per review?

Yes, yes and yes! We’re on a mission to help reforest our world. One tree is planted for every review; good, bad or indifferent. It’s worth noting that Starloop Members overwhelmingly accumulate good reviews so the trees we plant are largely the result of Starloop Members providing great service to their local community. 

Where are your trees planted?
Mostly in Madagasgar, Ethiopia and Nepal!
Is Starloop really as simple as it looks?

YES! We understand that many of you are overwhelmed these days. The last thing you want is yet another complex piece of software that forces you to spend hours and hours on tutorials. Our team designed Starloop to protect your time while helping you get maximum online reviews. 

How long does Starloop take to learn?

Forget about doing hours of mind-numbing tutorials. Starloop takes just 5 minutes to learn (that’s not a typo).

Are these real reviews?

YES! Starloop only helps you win genuine reviews from your actual customers. We do not “sell reviews”.

What is segmenting?

Segmenting is the process of splitting your audience. In the case of online reviews, audiences are typically segmented by sentiment. Some sites and directories frown upon this kind of segmenting. At Starloop we let you, our Members, choose whether you wish to segment your customers before you send them to a review site, or whether you send them directly to a review site like Google or Facebook etc. 

How much time will we invest using Starloop?

It varies for everyone, but most Starloop Members take anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes per week using Starloop. It’s super fast and that’s all it takes to get reviews and build their online reputation. 

How much is Starloop?

Pricing varies depending on the Starloop Membership you choose. 

You get reviews. The Earth gets trees.

Triple your online reviews

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